Does Organic Food Guarantee a Healthier Lifestyle?

According to researchers, 25 percent of Americans purchase organic food on a weekly basis. Considering how new the concept of organic farming is, this statistic is pretty remarkable. Why are more Americans buying organic food? The answer is simple: people are opening their eyes and realizing the importance of consuming healthy, natural products. This article will discuss organic food more in depth and explain how organic eating is a healthier option.

Consumers should be aware that just because you buy organic food doesn’t mean it’s completely free of synthetic ingredients. The term organic is used to classify foods that are produced to meet certain standards regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture. In organic farm processes, the use of synthetic fertilizers, chemicals, preservatives, and genetically modified organisms is greatly reduced. This delivers a healthier, more natural product to consumers. The animals raised on organic farms are able to graze in comparison to confinement and eat organic feed. This creates healthier meats and dairy products as well.

In recent years, research developments in the nutritional value of organic food has led people to choose this diet over conventional food diets. Since there is a reduced amount of fertilizers and other harmful toxins in food processes, the plants contain greater amounts of beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants and vitamins. In addition, the presence of pesticides has been linked to various diseases including cancers and birth defects. This makes eating organic foods even more beneficial to increase overall health.

Antibiotics given to animals in conventional raising methods cause a deep concern for many individuals. The antibiotics the animals receive are typically the same medicines that humans ingest when they fall ill. The overuse of any antibiotic leads to stronger bacteria that are resistant to the medicine. This is dangerous because the meat and dairy that humans consume are also filled with antibiotics which can make it harder for them to fight infections.

If you want to lead a healthier life, choosing organic diets is the way to go.