Trends in Long Island Architecture

Architecture trends change just as often as fashion trends. People that strive for trendy looks on the interior and exterior of their homes often keep up with these trends. If you’re looking to remodel your home in the upcoming years, here are the trends you should keep in mind to create a modern and trendy feel to your space.

There has been a significant increase in minimalist interiors over the years. Whether utilized in a home, apartment, or office, minimalist interiors focus on neutral color palettes and light-filled open spaces to create a clean and modern look. Some of the materials used in these designs include light woodwork, marble, and concrete surfaces.

Prefabricated houses are another trend in architecture. This process is quick and cheap in comparison to building a home from scratch. Prefabricated homes are built using modular building techniques that use multiple sections known as modules. This concept is widely used in the UK but is spreading worldwide due to its easy, cheap, and high-quality architecture.

Another trend spreading around the world originated in Japan and uses a wood-preservation technique. This technique, also referred to as shou sugi ban, uses charred timber. This wood is blackened and is utilized in the exterior of various homes, studios, hotels, and other structures around the world. This technique can also be used in interior cladding and flooring. This delivers a modern and trendy feel to both exteriors and interiors of structures.

Backyard studios are another rapidly growing trend we see around the world. This is a cost-effective way to create studio space for artists, architects, writers, and other creative professionals. This helps maximize space in small cities and saves people money since they won’t need to rent out a space elsewhere. Some artists even use recycled materials and wood to build a decent sized studio in the backyard of their homes, which also saves money and is eco-friendly.

For the best architectural plans and trends, hire a Long Island architect to manage your project.